Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle & Spin Bike Review

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The Keiser M3i indoor bike is one of the most impressive stationary bikes you can buy. Virtually every Keiser M3i review is positive and it’s not hard to understand why. The Keiser M3i is easily one of the most advanced stationary bikes available. Not only does it have the small yet important features covered – like a water bottle holder and transportation wheels – it also incorporates ergonomics into its design and takes advantage of current technology to improve your riding experience.

Our Rating: 9.4/10

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle & Spin Bike Review
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

When you’re making big purchases like exercise equipment, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. The Keiser M3i may be a more costly purchase than most, when it comes to fitness equipment, but you’re almost guaranteed to be satisfied with your buy. The Keiser M3i (sometimes misspelled as the Keizer M3i) is ergonomically designed, so it won’t be too hard on your body in the long run. You’ll improve your health, for sure, but won’t end up suffering wrist pains and backaches. The Keiser M3i comes with a lot of features, including more luxurious technological ones, such as Bluetooth-enabled apps, and more utilitarian ones, like a water bottle holder. Almost everything you could ask for and more can be found on this bike.

Based on our extensive analysis, we’re giving the Keiser M3i a rating of 9.4 out of 10.

To find out more about the Keiser M3i, watch this video: Keiser M3i indoor cycle review.

Features and Specs



  • Measurements: 3’7” H x 2’1” W x 4’ L
  • Weight: 85 lbs


There are a lot of features on this machine to go over. The Keiser M3i is one of the most technologically advanced exercise bikes on the market, which justifies its hefty price tag. Aside from that, it’s also ergonomically designed and highly adjustable.

  • Technologically Advanced

    You can use your smart phone to connect to the Keiser M3i compatible apps and track your workout data from the palm of your hand. If you can’t access the apps, there’s a backlit computerized fitness monitor right on the Keiser M3i that tracks the same data as the app. You can also connect your bike to Bkool, a website that offers immersive 3D virtual cycling simulations and online training classes in cycling.

  • Media Tray

    The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black bundle on Amazon comes with the addition of a media tray. You can mount your smart phone on here for quick access to your data tracking app and hands-free movements while listening to your workout playlist, or you can put your tablet down on the tray and exercise to a Bkool simulation.

  • Highly Adjustable

    The Keiser M3i bike can be adjusted to suit people of any height. The seat can be pulled up and back to accommodate people up to 7’, and pushed down and moved forward for those who are around 5’. The handlebar can also be moved up and down for better reach.

  • 4-Way, Butterfly-Shaped Handlebars

    The Keiser M3i features 4-way, butterfly-shaped handlebars for ergonomic riding grip. The two handlebars curve up and outward near the middle before turning in on themselves at the front of the bike, resembling the wings of a butterfly. You can hold onto the bars from two sidebars, the lower bars, and the upper bars.

  • Magnetic Resistance

    The Keiser M3i uses a magnetic resistance system for tension adjustments. Magnetic resistance is longer lasting and runs more quietly and smoothly than alternatives, like belt and chain systems. That means the Keiser M3i is durable, comfortable to use, and completely silent.

  • Water Bottle Holder

    The Keiser M3i comes with a convenient water bottle holder. You can lean your water bottle against the neck of your bike, right in front of your seat, for fast access to hydrating fluids.

  • Transportation Wheels

    The Keiser M3i is easy to move around your house. It has portability wheels on the front. All you have to do to move your bike is lift it from the back and push forward. You can roll your M3i indoor bike in front of your TV or computer, where you can play Bkool training simulations.

  • Warranty

    Three (3) years all-inclusive (excluding labor and wearable parts). Labor and wearable parts are covered by a 6-month warranty. Warranty doesn’t cover loss caused by accident, abuse, incorrect use, or neglect; poor maintenance; wrongful assembly by the purchaser; or failure to properly read instructions in the manual.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    The Keiser M3i is shipped by FedEx Ground and cannot be sent to FPO/APO addresses, internationally, or to freight forwarders. The shipping weight is 113 lbs. The machine comes partially assembled. The rest of the Keiser M3i spin bike can be put together alone, using the provided instructions, or with the help of one of Amazon’s expert assemblers. You must use your own tools (see Q & As below for more info). 2 AA batteries (included) are required to power the attached computer.

Our Likes

The Keiser M3i price point may make you pause for a second, but there’s a reason it costs so much: it has a lot to offer. It’s good for you, from an ergonomic standpoint as well as a general fitness one. It’s also one of the most advanced bikes on the market, technology-wise.

Our Dislikes

The one thing that isn’t so great about the M3i indoor cycle is its price. It’s an expensive product. This may not be the best purchase to consider making if you’re on a tight budget, or it’s at least something you’re definitely going to have to save up for. However, there is a good reason why this bike is so pricey. Its ergonomic design is unique and it’s one of the most technologically advanced stationary bikes available.

  • It doesn’t have everything, of course. Don’t expect a specific Keiser M3i heart rate monitor, but you can expect Keiser M3i Bluetooth and a Keiser M3i computer, as well as smaller yet unexpectedly important features like a water bottle holder and transportation wheels. The price may overwhelm you, but if you’re looking for a reliable product of high quality, then you’ll find it with the Keiser M3i.

Our Verdict

We’re not changing our rating of 9.4 out of 10, and our M3i review has not gotten less positive. The Keiser M3i is still worthy of that high a grade. It may put a dent in your budget, but it’s probably worth it. If you’re a serious cyclist looking for a temporary replacement for your outdoor bike, you’ll especially love this one. The ride is smooth, sturdy, and comfortable. You can keep your workout as uncomplicated as you want or stir it up by using those advanced tech features. Bkool can give your indoor training sessions an edge. The app makes keeping track of your exercise data a lot easier. And despite being so sophisticated, the Keiser M3i still manages to be practical and come with all the small features you might take for granted. Also check out Best Spin Bike and Indoor Cycle Reviews 2018.

The M3i is a unique-looking piece of exercise equipment that’ll definitely add style to your house and fit comfortably in any room. If you have a smaller home, you’re still in luck. The Keiser M3i is compact and not difficult to move around, what with its transportation wheels. It’ll roll nicely in front of your TV or computer – if you even need it to – and can be pushed into a corner when you’re finished with it for the day. There’s not much to complain about when it comes to this machine.

Price & Shop

$1,995 USD
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*On Amazon, you can find the Keiser M3i for sale at its cheapest price: $1,995.00 with free shipping. The bike comes in a bundle with a few other useful extras, including the media tray mentioned above in the Features section, a floor mat, and stretch pads. Buy the bundle here: Keiser M3i sale.

Question & Answers

  • Q. Keiser M3 vs M3i… What’s the difference between the two?

    A. The bikes are pretty much the same. The only difference between them is that the M3i has Bluetooth.

  • Q. What tools do I need to assemble the bike?

    A. An adjustable wrench should work fine.

  • Q. I weigh 260 lbs. Is the bike sturdy enough to hold me?

    A. Absolutely. It works whether or not you’re 5’6” and 130 lbs. or 6’1” and 275 lbs. It adjusts perfectly for many different heights and weights, and doesn’t wobble no matter what size you are.

User Reviews Write a Review

Met all my expectations

“I bought my M3+ based on a combination of the reviews I found here, elsewhere on the Internet and recommendation from a friend. While I've had it only one month, it has met all my expectations, which were high. I am an advanced intermediate rider and have tried other trainers and rollers before with mixed satisfaction. The extremely smooth shifting allowed by the M3+'s magnetic resistance allows me to fine-tune my cadence and work to make my peddling more efficient, all without any noise.”
- Paul M. D.

Really impressed

“Looked into this a lot before buying, and it’s not cheap. But you get what you pay for - really impressed with the quality of this exercise bike… Riding it is the real deal. I’m a seasoned cyclist – several years training and club racing at the Cat3 level. This is the first spin bike that I think actually replicates meaningful workouts and gives the feel of being on a real bicycle.”
- John C. P.

Best quality, designed well and durable

“This product is of the best quality, designed well and durable. It was not hard to assemble at all. Pedals and seat can be switched out for others; so, for example, I’m able to use my regular clip-in pedals that work with my cycling shoes. Fit adjustments are straightforward. Manual is organized and detailed. This spin bike is incredibly silent. Resistance is simple to adjust.”
- Tim S.

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