How to Get Rid of Anal Skin Tags at Home Fast and Safely

Anal skin tags are not as well known by everyone, but it is still a common skin condition. It is a disgusting extension of the skin which can be mistaken for other skin issues. When the anal skin tags are revealed it causes a ton of stress/anxieties, best to remove it immediately.

Best Products to Remove Anal Skin Tags

Micro Tagband Skin Tag Removal Kit

One of the top products in anal skin tag removal is a Micro Tagband Skin Tag Removal Kit. This anal skin tag removal kit is a great option in removing the anal skin tag very effectively. How it works is when the removal kit is attached to the anal skin tag, it stops the blood supply of the anal skin tag. By stopping the bloody supply slowly but surely the skin tag will just fall off. It can be used for the skin tag on anus whether it is a small or medium skin tag.

A great article with a lot of information about this can be found here: Micro Tagband Skin Tag Removal Kit Review. If you’d like to purchase the product you can do so from Amazon.

Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Skin Tag Removal Kit

Another well-known anal skin tag removal kit is the Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Skin Tag Removal Kit. This method approved by a doctor not only works for warts but also removes skin tags effectively. When the removal kit is used on the anal skin tag it is very quick in dissolving the skin tag on anus ensuring the issue does not escalate. How it works is it breaks down the skin tag contaminated tissue and once the skin tag is broken down it reapplies a normal tissue on the skin.

A great article with a lot of information about this can be found here: Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Skin Tag Removal Kit. If you’d like to purchase the product you can do so from Amazon.

Radha Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal

A great way of removing the skin tag on butts is applying Radha Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal. This kind of anal skin tag treatment is a liquid feature that involves using drops of oil in removing the skin tag. The package comes with a dropper to be used to control the amount of substance and easily be used on the skin tag. Once applied on the skin tag it has a variety of effects that keep the skin clean and add nutrients in battling from skin tags.

A great article with a lot of information about this can be found here: Radha Tea Tree Oil Skin Tag Removal. If you’d like to purchase the product you can do so from Amazon.

Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Australian Skin Tag Removal

Another oil product that can easily remove the skin tag on butts is applying Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Australian Skin Tag Removal. It is almost the same as to how it should be applied just like other oil products. The biggest difference with this tea tree oil compared to other products that are similar is the ingredients inside. This tea tree oil uses some of the most natural ingredients that represent a high quality of efficiently removing anal tags. While it is great to be used for removing rectal skin tags the product has other different purposes that improve health.

A great article with a lot of information about this can be found here: Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Australian Skin Tag Removal. If you’d like to purchase the product you can do so from Amazon.

USB Charging Skin Tag Remover Pen

In the era of technological advancements, an alternative to more natural products is an electric pen that removes rectal skin tags but not limited to. Even though it is an electrical pen, when the product is being used it does not induce pain in any way and causes no bleeding. It uses the latest technology that emphasis in a fast, convenient and safe way of removing skin tags. One of the benefits of having this skin tag remover pen is how convenient it can be in removing any anal tags. It can be done on-the-go so the skin tags will never have the upper hand in leading a worry-free life.

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HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover Cream

A skin tag anus is an extremely annoying and nasty attribute that everyone wishes to remove. Worry not because another option in effectively removing the skin tags around anus is using a HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover Cream. It is a fast and effective anus skin tag removal cream that removes the skin tag in no time so that there will be no distractions in proceeding with daily routines. The formula that the anus skin tag removal cream uses is an all-natural and safe formula that ensures to only remove the skin tags (can also remove moles) and no other side-effects will be formed.

A great article with a lot of information about this can be found here: HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover Cream. If you’d like to purchase the product you can do so from Amazon.

How do Doctors Get Rid of Anal Skin Tags Through Medical Procedures?


Some other methods that doctors would use in removing a skin tag anus are to burn the anal skin tag using cauterization. A medical tool or technique is used like a pen to be pointed at the skin tag and remove the area where there are skin tags. This kind of method is not commonly used by doctors but still a very viable option in effectively removing skin tags. After cauterizing the skin tags around anus, the area will burn and most likely bleed. Once the extra skin on anus has been removed, treatment for the skin of the individual can commence. Doctors usually provide treatment in healing the area where the cauterization happened and the results will happen right after the treatment. The benefits of this treatment are the immediate results when oil, cream or removal kits might take a longer time. This is an effective route to take in removing the skin tag near anus.


Another method that doctors use more often is Cryotherapy. It is also known by many people as cold therapy because it uses a freezing technique. This is a great treatment for the skin tag on butt because it freezes the tissue damage to remove the skin tag. The treatment works by applying extreme cold temperature on the anus skin tags using liquid nitrogen. It freezes the tissues at a cellular level to destroy those diseases and disorders that the skin is carrying. The surgery is done very quickly and it is a low-risk procedure. Regardless, just like any surgical procedure, it is best to ask a doctor if Cryotherapy is a suitable option for removing the skin tags. Most likely if the skin tag is too small other options can be beneficial but Cryotherapy is an amazing option in removing anus skin tags.

Surgical Excision

The most common procedure in anal skin tag treatment and most skin condition is a surgical excision. It is a simple method that doctors use often with a sharp razor to cut a small portion of skin to remove the area with skin tags. While this is an easy option to remove the skin tags on buttocks it can have scarring effects when an excision is made. Some doctors may use a different tool that electrifies the razor making the scars less noticeable. The only downside with a surgical excision is there can be scars on the skin but it is the least invasive option in removing the skin tags on buttocks. A doctor usually recommends this option because of how safe the procedure can be and it is easily predictable. This is a great option to remove the skin tag and not have to worry about it moving forward in life.

Home Remedies to Remove Anal Skin Tags at Home by Yourself

Tea Tree Oil

A lot of people buy treatment products or do procedures but there are other ways of removing the extra skin on anus. An ingredient that many products use in removing the skin tag near anus is a Tea Tree Oil. This natural ingredient proves to be a high-quality substance that is universally accepted to be a great ingredient in removing skin tags. The Tea Tree Oil is derived and created from the leaves of a Tea Tree that has been a staple product for many centuries. The Tea Tree Oil is applied to the skin to cure any skin infections that will help revert it back to its normal tissue on the skin. The chemicals in the tea tree oil will kill any fungus or bacteria to remove any undesirable skin tissue.

Banana Peel

A very simple and easy way that not many people realize to remove the skin tags near anus is inside a fruit basket. That’s right it is possible to remove the skin tags with a banana peel. The banana is a tasty snack with a lot of nutrients and also able to cure skin tags right at home. The way it works is after eating the banana apply the inner part of the banana peel on the skin tag. Once the banana peel is secured in place wrap around a bandage or gauze to keep the banana peel in place and hidden. Now, wait until recovery is made from this easy hemorrhoid skin tag removal at home recipe.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another anal tag removal option is applying apple cider vinegar to the skin tag. The way it works is to soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar. Once the cotton ball is soaked apply it to the skin tag and wrap around a bandage to secure it. This method should be done frequently to notice necessary results in removing the skin tag. The reason why apple cider vinegar is an effective substance in hemorrhoid skin tag removal is the acidic properties that break down the skin infection. It can cause the tissue to dissipate and eventually fall off the skin so that the skin tags will be removed.

Vitamin E

A really easy way to remove skin tag on butt that people could be consuming already every day is Vitamin E. The reason why vitamin E is an effective way in battling skin tags is because one of the anal skin tag causes is aging. Vitamin E has nutrients such as antioxidants that will keep the skin healthy and fight the wrinkles that the skin can have. In applying Vitamin E right on the skin in a liquid form, it can slowly make the skin tag vanish. Simply massage the area with the Vitamin E liquid and the skin tag will be gone in no time.


Almost similar to Vitamin E, some of the benefits garlic has is in aging. One of the anal skin tag causes is when an individual gets older and garlic prevents the skin from aging. To apply garlic, it must be crushed garlic and applied to the skin tag. Then cover the area with a bandage to be used during the night. Afterwards, clean the skin with water and reapply the garlic. Garlic is an amazing option in a hemorrhoid skin tag removal at home. It is important to understand there are multiple options in how to get rid of anal skin tags but these home remedies provide an easy to access and convenient way to remove the skin tags.

Tying Off Small Skin Tags

This method is a great way of getting rid of small skin tags in the easiest, safest and convenient way possible. This method of anal tag removal is easily done by tying dental floss or a string around the skin tag. The key to making it work and removing the skin tag is tying the dental floss tight enough to stop the blood circulation of the skin tag. This will slowly kill the skin tag so that it can just fall off the skin. The benefits of using this method are the other ways of freezing or burning the skin tag will cause irritation, skin infection, the treatment may not work, etc. With tying the small skin tag it gets rid of all these negative outcomes.

What Causes Anal Skin Tags

Skin tags near anus are formed due to swollen blood vessels around the anus. There are many causes that can make the blood vessels swollen around the anus from a lot of pressure in pooping to pregnancy. It is often the best practice to not push the anus too hard and quickly to prevent any skin tags from forming on the anus. It can be difficult to notice skin tags on the anus because of the location but it is important to check regularly to ensure no anal skin tags are formed.

Skin Tag on Buttocks Pictures

It is easy to find skin tag on buttocks pictures online so there will only be pictures of the skin tag on the skin here. This will give an idea to an individual looking out for these skin tags and being able to remove them quickly.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Skin Tags on Anal Skin Tags vs. Warts

The biggest difference between skin tags more specifically anal skin tags and warts are the fact that warts are mainly caused by human papillomavirus. Skin tags are rarely associated with HPV making it a clear distinction between the different skin conditions. Another difference is the visual between both skin conditions. Skin tags are smoother but still extend from the skin making it very bumpy. Warts tend to be a lot flatter and easier for an individual to identify if it is a wart. It is said that the skin tag near anus can be easier to remove but it is recommended to talk with a doctor in determining the correct procedure.

Do Anal Skin Tags go Away on Their Own?

An individual should not be only asking how to shrink hemorrhoid skin tag but do they go away on their own. Occasionally, after a long time, the skin tags do disappear. This is definitely not one-hundred percent certain so it differs between each situation. There is a risk in leaving the skin tag on their own because instead of shrinking it could still grow. That is why the best option is to get rid of it and find out ways of removing the skin tag. So try to be aware and understand that a skin tag left untouched could grow fast.

What Happens if You Cut Off an Anal Skin Tag?

It is not a good idea to literally get a knife and start cutting the anal skin tag. It could lead to a lot of problems and it is not how to shrink hemorrhoid skin tag. If a knife is used, the skin tag could become swollen and permanent scars would be noticeable on the skin. It is also dangerous to even be doing this with a knife by yourself. There are much easier options in “cutting” off the skin tag. An option is using dental floss and tying it around skin tag to remove its blood supply. This option is best used when the skin tag is small so it can come right off the skin.

Do Removed Anal Skin Tags Grow Back?

While in the process of how to get rid of anal skin tags, a good question arises on if they grow back when they are removed. Luckily, when removed the skin tag is forever gone and will not grow back up. That is to say don’t get too relaxed because many new skin tags can be formed if skin tags are not noticed or removed right away.

How to Prevent Anal Skin Tags

It is very difficult to prevent anal skin tags from developing all together but there are some universal tips that will help avoid getting skin tags. First, wear clothing that is not extremely tight. Try to get loose or fit clothing that does not cause skin irritation. Second, make sure to have a smooth bowel movement by eating a lot of fiber. Third, strive to gain a healthier lifestyle. People who get skin tags are usually overweight that consume fewer nutrients for their body. These tips are extremely straightforward and it probably is done by most people but to prevent anal skin tags these should be done.

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