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  • "After struggling for a long time to find the best chiropractor for my back pain, I almost gave up - it just seemed that the process of searching for the right specialist was so difficult. This was before I came across the Academic Association of Medicine. After landing on this platform, it took me a couple of clicks to find the best doc for my back. I really like the way it is organized and that you can actually see the real reviews - thanks so much!"
    Byron Wilson
  • "I am glad such solution as the Academic Association of Medicine exists! It is so much more convenient and time-saving to have all the necessary reviews and information in one place. Can't thank you guys enough. I was able to choose my dentist in less than 5 minutes through AAOM and the experience was just as described in the doctor's profile."
    Rachel Clark
  • "I want to be honest - it is very rare that I leave reviews, but I was just blown away by the level of intuitiveness and simplicity of this platform. It literally takes a couple of clicks to find the right healthcare specialist - you just read clients' reviews and evaluate the overall ratings of a doctor - everything is already analyzed and prepared for your assessment. Also, I like how the AAOM goes an extra mile every time to provide you with the tiniest of details - really helpful. I am recommending your platform to all my friends and family right now!"
    Percy Moore
  • "I've been on the hunt for the best dermatologist for almost 2 months right now - I visited about 4 different ones and none of them seemed just right. Even though I was doing my best to research the market in order to find the right specialist for me, somehow I was unlucky every time. I want to thank Academic Association of Medicine for providing me with an opportunity to locate the best dermatologist ever! I am so happy you guys exist and so is my skin right now."
    Russell Diaz

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