Xterra SB2.5r Recumbent Bike Review

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The Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike is packed with features and at the same time is a small package that is not difficult to move around your home. With a quick overview you can see that the features are well balanced and help to make this reasonably priced machine one that you can not afford to pass up.

Our Rating: 9/10

Xterra SB2.5r Recumbent Bike Review
4.3 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

At the first looks at the Xterra SB 2.5r Recumbent Bike started to happen we knew that this machine was different. Could be that the number of features packed into such a reasonable price for the Xterra 2.5 Recumbent Bike had us excited.

Could be that the usability and choices that were at our fingertips with the Xterra SB 2.5 digital screen was more than we thought possible. In either case the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike delivered much more than we expected.

If we had to rate the Xterra 2.5 Recumbent Bike it would be high. The positives of this machine far out weight the negatives. For that reason, we are looking at a 9/10 for the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike. This is a machine that will challenge you in ways that you want, and when that has happened the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike will continue to challenge you.

Watch this video that we found online about the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike here and you will see why you need this machine. After that read more of this review and see why we are amazed at the value we found in the Xterra SB 2.5.

Features and Specs



  • Dimensions: The Xterra SB 2.5 is a very compact unit. When it is fully assembled the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike is only 108 pounds in total weight. On floor space the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike takes up 58.8” x 27.7” x 41” in total size.


We can’t get enough of these incredible features! The Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike is a truly one-of-a-kind machine and a big qualifying factor is all the features it boasts. Read below for a fun, and concise list of this machine’s best qualities.

  • 24 Pre-Set Programs

    With 24 choices the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike will challenge you for days and days before you run out of choices. That is exactly what you hope for in a piece of exercise equipment and the Xterra SB 2.5 really does deliver. The list of options in the workout is 12 motivating programs, 4 customizable programs, 1 body fat burn program, 5 different heart rate targeting programs. And finally, if that is not enough for you, fully manual for those times that you want to take full control of your workout on the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike.

  • Dual Color Backlit LCD

    The huge LCD screen is 5” x 2.5” showing at a touch of a button all the information you need to have to drive your workout to the next level. The screen is blue and yellow colors to make reading very easy with the very clear contrasting colors. The big buttons make using the device easy, which is needed to get the most out of your workouts on the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike.

  • 22 LB Flywheel

    The flywheel on the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike is bigger and heavier for better inertia when pedalling. Add a friction free magnetic resistance on a belt drive system and you have the heart of Xterra SB 2.5. When in full motion the entire system is smooth and quiet even under the most aggressive of workouts.

  • Complete Adjustability

    When you put out good money for a new piece of exercise equipment you want to be sure that things will work for you and the workouts that you want to do. This is where the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike shines. You can find a perfect ride with the adjustable seat that comes with the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike.

    The built-in leveler adjustments will ensure that the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike will not have any wiggle or wobble as well. This stability will be a huge benefit once you are strapped into the adjustable pedal straps and oversized pedals platforms. All of these features work together to let you push hard while riding the bike, and getting the most out of yourself and your workout.

  • Warranty

    The has a warranty that covers the frame of the unit for the lifetime of the unit for each individual owner. The parts on the Xterra SB 2.5 are covered under a 3-year warranty and labor may also be covered as well.

    As with all warranty timelines and activation be sure to double check the current warranty offered at the time of purchase. If there are specific step you have to take to register your Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike be sure to follow the instructions very closely.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Shipping weight for the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike is 117.6 pounds and comes in a single box that is 49.8” x 24.1” x 13.4”. Shipping times will be slightly different depending on your location, but most shipping estimates will be very accurate for Amazon on the Xterra SB 2.5. Just remember to check if things are going to work with your time frames. Also, be sure to have someone to help you with the box once your Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike arrives, after all and 100 plus pound box is a challenge to move at times all by your self.
    The Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike can be assembled with minimal tools. In the provided instruction manuals there will be a list for what you need, and all tools are very common such as screwdrivers, and wrenches.

    The building process is listed with easy step by step instructions and user reviews show the assembly of the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike to take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, this seems to be dependant on the skill of the build more than the complexity of the process.

    In any case it appears that virtually anyone can assemble a Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike and have the unit up and running with a short period of time. Do not let the idea of having to build your own Xterra SB 2.5 scare you away from getting yours today.

Our Likes

What follows below is an exciting list of all the things we love about his machine. From its incredible features to its superb construction, here are the specific reasons why we think everyone should own one of these recumbent bikes.

Our Dislikes

The biggest dislike that we have for the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike is a very simple one. With no way to hold reading materials long workout sessions for some will feel a little longer. Now for many people this will not be an issue, but if you are a reader while you pedal this could be problematic.

  • Also, the fact that there is not a water bottle holder means that you will need to have a table or something to keep the hydration that you will need close at hand. After all, if you plan on riding hard to burn calories you are going to keep your water levels up while on the Xterra SB 2.5.

  • Those are the only two dislikes that we could come up with and really, they are fairly minor in the big picture. This Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike delivers on all the fitness fronts with 5-star ratings across the board. This is a workhorse, but a workhorse that could have had a little bit better saddle. Workhorses are still amazing, and so is the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike.

Our Verdict

This is not a deal to pass up. To find a Xterra SB 2.5 that has all the bells and whistles that this unit has is nearly an impossible task in the same price range. Good thing you do not have to. We would buy the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike without hesitation at this price. Also check out Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2018.

Price & Shop

$394.98 USD
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*Amazon has new Xterra SB 2.5 units listed from $394.98 and this even includes free shipping. At those prices you will be extremely hard pressed to find a better exercise machine in this style. The price for the Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike is most definitely right. Throw in the free shipping and this is really a deal that you can not afford to let go.

Question & Answers

  • Q. Does the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike require electricity to work properly?

    A. Yes, the electronics are powered by a 110V wall plug that is included with the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike.

  • Q. What sort of warranty does the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike come with?

    A. The listed warranty is 5 years on the frame, 3 years on parts.

  • Q. Does the Xterra SB 2.5 have a holder for reading material? Is there a water bottle holder?

    A. The Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike has no holders for reading materials or water. This means that you need to solve where to put these items on your own.

  • Q. What is the weight limit for the Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike? What are the height limits for riders on the Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike?

    A. The Xterra SB 2.5 has a rider weight limit of 300 pounds. While the seat is adjustable, the inseam lengths are not listed on the website. Users report riders ranging from 5’ to 6’4”. This does not list the inseam length of the riders, so if possible find a Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike and try it out if you are on the extreme ends of the height spectrum.

User Reviews Write a Review

Easy to assemble

The Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike is clearly made to last and easy to assemble. I like the heavier flywheel weight. Other bikes on the market have flywheels that are 13 lbs or less. This Xterra SB 2.5 Fitness Bike has a hefty one that holds inertia much better, and makes for a smooth spinning rotation.
- Mark T

Absolutely love the bike!

I was nervous to order because of shipping time reviews but decided the price was worth it. My Xterra SB 2.5 Recumbent Bike arrived quickly and in great condition. I absolutely love the bike! It is what I expected and what I wanted. Assembly was simple and took an hour! I would definitely recommend ordering the Xterra SB 2.5 from Amazon.
- Cheryl F

This bike is great

I love my Xterra SB2 5r Recumbent Bike. I purchased my unit in February, 2018, to exercise my knee after a knee replacement surgery. I can say is this bike is great. It came with one broken part. I contacted Xterra Fitness, they sent me a new part right away with no issues at all. The service is top notch. I highly recommend the Xterra SB 2.5 to anyone.
- John O

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