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The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym package is a top contender in the world of freeweights! With more exercise options than its competitors, there is no going wrong with adding the sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym to your home. Safe, reliable, durable, and challenging; the sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym doesn’t disappoint!

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Overview & Ratings

Maximize your workout without increasing the amount of time with Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym! The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym is all about accommodating your busy lifestyle while still providing the ultimate at-home workout experience! Body Solid sbl460p4 Leverage Gym is a multiple user system designed to help accelerate muscle gains while providing optimal safety features. Body Solid sbl460p4 ensures a spotter-free yet full scale experience.

The Body Solid sbl460p4 Leverage Gym has over 40 exercises and is adjustable to fit your height and size for proper form, safe and flawless stretching, and a full range of motions. Built to last, the Body Solid sbl460p4 is made with tear and sweat resistant materials, a DuraFirm™ seat, a high quality steel frame, and takes up less space than other leverage gyms. As a freeweight machine, there are no pulleys, making it maintenance free.

With its space saving features, expansive exercises, hardy construction, and safety features the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym is the ideal choice for you! Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product 9.2/10.

Actions speak louder than words! Watch the following video to see how the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym stacks up!

Features and Specs



  • Total Dimensions: 107 x 104 x 83 inches
  • Total Weight After Assembly: 705 pounds


The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym has an amazing list of unbeatable features that will allow you to achieve the perfect physique without ever having to step foot into a gym!

  • Multiple user system

    The Body Solid sbl460p4 can accommodate two simultaneous workouts. Without the need of a spotter, the two person feature allows for a fun and interactive workout session with a friend or loved one. The adjustable stations accommodates any size and height differences. Whether you choose to have a solo workout or have a workout buddy, the Body Solid sbl460p4 provides intensive, versatile, and challenging exercises to appease your (and your workout buddy’s) workout appetite.

  • Steel frame construction

    The most durable of at-home gyms, The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym is built with 3”x3” steel gauges, thick welded high-tensile mainframe, and reinforced plates.

  • Safety

    No need for a spotter with Body Solid sbl460p4’s safety features. Built in safety guards are implemented at every station, stable levers, balanced functions, sweat and wear resistant grips are all features that make the Body Solid the best in its class.

  • Pillow block & bearings

    Friction-free and silent performance is a special feature that differentiates the Body Solid sbl460p4 with other machines.

  • Durable and easy-to-clean finishings

    Guaranteed longevity in your machine is helped with the electrostatic powder coated finish. The textured finish prevents chipping and scratching from regular use, and conceals fingerprint impressions.

  • DuraFirm™ upholstery

    Extra plush and extra comfy, the DuraFirm™ upholstery is made with high density foam and tear resistant fabric.

  • Straightforward assemblage and customer service

    Every purchase comes with straightforward and easy to understand assembly instructions. Customer service is available to answer any questions or concerns.

  • Warranty

    The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym comes with a lifetime warranty for all parts.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Shipping varies from retailer to retailer. Assembly instructions are included. For any questions or concerns, there is customer service.


The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym has over 40 exercises to work out your abs, biceps, arms, legs, and so much more. Popular exercises include bench press, deadlift, crossover, seated shoulder press, preacher curl, triceps pressdown, and resistance ab crunch. Users can find exercises to work out any part of their body and the endless array of exercises means you will never get bored or tired of the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym. Workout alone or with a partner and discover all the possibilities of the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym! Watch this video for more information!

Our Likes

The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym is a surefire way to get you in the best shape of your life. Its multi-user capacity and smaller dimensions makes the Body Solid sbl460p4 a convenient fixture in any home gym. Without the need for additional workout gear, the machine provides the ultimate array of challenging exercises.

Our Dislikes

While reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, there are a few negative comments about assembly times and construction.

  • The first of the complaints concern assembly time and the size of the machine. The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym is a heavy duty high performance system and so there are many parts that go into the assemblage of the product. Buyers should know that it does take a considerable amount of time to fully assemble the system. However, the instructions are made to be easily understandable and customer service is available to answer any questions or concerns. It does take several hours to fully assemble the system but the longevity of the product far exceeds the time it took to put together. The sizing of the system may seem quite big but it is actually more compact than many competing leverage systems.

  • The second concern deals with missing bolts during assemblage. If, on the rare occasion, a system is delivered with missing parts a simple phone call to customer service will resolve the problem. New parts can easily be sent to you free of charge.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym is an excellent choice if you are looking to add a leverage system to your home gym. It is solidly built, carries a lifetime warranty, has exclusive features not found in other models, is more compact than its competitors, and has over 40 exercises for you and a partner to try out without ever getting bored of your workout.

The numerous safety features are key to purchasing this system. Even though it comes with a lifetime warranty, it is better to not have any problems from the onset. The Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym delivers on ensuring optimal safety. Buyers can enjoy a rigorous workout without having to worry about breakage, wear and tear, and other possible safety concerns.

Despite the rare negative reviews, it remains that the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym takes up less space than other leverage systems. By having a multi-person design, the space the system occupies is justified by its convenience. Problems such as missing parts, wear and tear, and so forth are expertly handled by customer service representatives. Also check out Best Home Gym Equipment Reviews 2018.

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* is currently selling the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym at $1,440.93 and has free shipping. With all this in mind, Body Solid sbl460p4 has frequent sales for many of their products, so be sure to check Amazon for the newest deals.

Question & Answers

  • Q. How durable is the Body Solid sbl460p4 Freeweight Leverage Gym?

    A. With a lifetime warranty, the Body Solid is incredibly durable and all parts are covered under the warranty.

  • Q. How user friendly is the system?

    A. With over 40 exercises, the Body Solid sbl460p4 has something for everyone.

  • Q. What are the dimensions?

    A. 271.8 x 264.2 x 210.8 cm

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“When I purchased this product it came with all the necessary components for assembly and use. The directions were easy to understand. It allows you to exercise each one of your muscles! I use it several times a week and it’s amazing.”

Great Value

5 5 1
“This gym is exceptional! Definitely a high quality home gym, and something you would expect to see in a membership-based facility. Considering how high quality it I’m surprised at it’s relatively low price. It’s a great product for a great value!”

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