Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. People suffering from this foot problem experience stabbing pain in the heels. The pain is severe during the morning when you have just woken up, but it gradually decreases once you start moving. Obesity, unusual arch height, strenuous activities such as long-distance running, ballistic activities, dancing, aerobics, wearing shoes with poor arch support, and aging are a few reasons why you may suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Thankfully, it is not a severe condition. It hardly requires any medication or surgery. By wearing good plantar fasciitis insoles and good shoes for plantar fasciitis you will be able to get rid of this condition within just a few weeks. Here is a more in-depth article on how to treat plantar fasciitis.


How Orthotic Insoles Can Help

Before we learn more about plantar fasciitis inserts and how they can provide relief from heel pain, let’s first find out what Plantar Fasciitis is. Plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to your tones. It runs through the bottom of your foot. This thick band of tissue is responsible for carrying the bulk of load during standing, walking, running, and all other activities. It is also responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the arch of the foot. (1)

Plantar fascia is like a bowstring that connects the heel bone with the toes. If it is exposed to too much tension, the tissues can tear. Repetitive tearing and stretching can cause inflammation of the plantar fascia, a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. People, who are obese, or are in an occupation that requires them to be on their feet for long hours, are more prone to it. Further, athletes, ballet dancers, runners, and joggers are also more likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis.

When there is an inflammation of the plantar fascia tissues, you will experience a stabbing pain in your heels. The pain is worst in the morning when you have taken the first few steps after waking up. It decreases substantially during the day but if you need to stand or walk for long hours, you may feel the pain throughout the day.

Thankfully, plantar fasciitis doesn’t require much treatment. Your doctor may advise you some pain relievers and physical therapy. Plantar fasciitis insoles can also provide you much relief from the heel pain. They will help distribute the pressure more evenly throughout your feet thereby, taking pressure off the plantar fascia. A lot of studies have proven the effectiveness of the shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis. A study conducted by the Department of Orthopedics, Lund University Hospital, concluded that the best insoles for plantar fasciitis are able to provide both short-term and long-term relief from plantar fasciitis pain. (2) Another study concluded that plantar fasciitis insoles can reduce the symptoms of plantar fasciitis by reducing strain on the fascia during standing and walking. Further, the inserts can reduce foot pronation, correct the collapse of the longitudinal arch, and associated elongation of the foot. (3) Studies have also concluded that there is no major difference between the prefabricated and the custom orthotic inserts for plantar fasciitis. Both of them are equally beneficial in providing short-term pain relief. (4) If however, you cannot find an insole that fits your leg correct, you may go for the customized ones.

Please note that planters fasciitis inserts cannot treat this foot condition. They can only provide you relief from the heel pain associated with it by taking pressure off the tissues. When the tissues won’t have to bear the whole burden, they will start recovering from the damage. Once the tissues have healed and the inflammation has gone, you will not experience any pain.


Are Orthopedic Insoles Right For You?

If you are suffering from heel pain, orthotic inserts for plantar fasciitis are an absolute necessity for you. Whether you have just developed plantar fasciitis or are suffering from chronic pain due to this foot condition, wearing insoles can help spread the pressure, absorb the shock of daily activities, and provide you relief from pain.

If you are not experiencing any heel pain, you may still wear the shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis as a preventive measure if you meet any of the below-mentioned criteria:

  • People who are involved in high-impact sports such as running, basketball, football, etc.
  • Ballet dancers
  • People who are overweight or obese
  • Expecting mothers who have recently gained weight and are experiencing heel pain
  • People who are required to stand on hard surfaces for long hours such as teachers, factory workers, delivery workers, healthcare professionals, etc.
  • People who wear shoes with inadequate support
  • People who have a flat foot or high arches
  • People who overpronate

If you are a flatfooted person, you are more likely to suffer from flat foot pain and plantar fasciitis. To delay/avoid this, you must start wearing supportive shoes even if you haven’t yet experienced any symptoms. Here is a list of some of the best shoes for people with flat feet. Wearing them regularly can help you support your fallen arches, thereby keeping you safe from pain and injury. Buying multiple shoes can be expensive, so you can buy supportive insoles instead. Refer this article to find out more about some of the best insoles for flat feet.

Plantar fasciitis insoles are also recommended for people who are above 40 years old. With age, the plantar fascia starts losing its elasticity and strength, thereby making you more prone to heel pain, flat foot, and other foot problems.


Examining Over-The-Counter Orthotic Insoles

Here are some of the factors that you must consider while selecting the best inserts for plantar fasciitis.

Supportive heel cups

Look for plantar fasciitis insoles that provide sufficient support towards the back of the heel. Well cushioned heel cups will keep the fat pad within the heels squeezed together. This helps reduce the pressure on the plantar fascia, thereby helping them recover faster.

Proper arch support

Choose plantar fasciitis inserts that provide adequate support to your arches. If the arches are not supported properly, the pressure will be passed on to the heels and the plantar fascia, thereby increases the pain and inflammation. Get your foot evaluated by a podiatrist to find out what type of insole will suit you best.


Foam, plastic, and gel are the most popular materials used for making shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.

  • Foam insoles are usually made of lightweight memory foam or rebound foam. They have a great cushion and are good for people who tend to mildly overpronate.
  • Plastic plantar fasciitis insoles are made of a blend of plastic and rubber or felt. They are lightweight and provide side to side stability, thereby preventing moderate to severe overpronation.
  • Gel insoles are perfect for people who suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis pain. They are made of polyurethane gel and provide superior shock absorption and enhanced comfort. If you work outdoors or at a place that is not air-conditioned, gel inserts are good for you as they keep your feet cool and dry.

Wide toe box

Best inserts for plantar fasciitis are the ones that have a wide toe box to let your transverse arch expand whenever you walk, run, or jog. Transverse arch is made of a group of bones, ligaments, and tendons. It runs through the entire width of the foot from side to side. If the toe box is not wide enough, the transverse arch and the toes will not get enough space to expand, thereby adding up the pressure on the heel.


Top 5 Insoles for Flat Feet

Best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis are the ones that can reduce the stress and stretch of the plantar fascia tissues. These insoles will help absorb the shock of your daily activities, thereby easing off the pressure from the heels. They will also protect the feet, ankles, and knees from any damage and correct the abnormal gait. Plus, they are inexpensive. Instead of replacing your shoes, you can simply replace their insoles with the orthopedic insoles. We have studied a lot of plantar fasciitis insoles amazon products and come up with these top picks. Before, you order them, please read the descriptions, size chart, and best insoles for plantar fasciitis reviews properly to find out if they are suitable for you.

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

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  • This is one of the top-rated plantar fasciitis insoles. It is versatile and is able to alleviate many common foot problems, especially plantar fasciitis, discomfort in the arch, metatarsal pain, sored and tired feet, etc.
  • They are ideal for mild to moderate pronation.
  • These plantar fasciitis inserts have a semi-rigid arch support. The support is firm and yet flexible enough to provide you comfort throughout the day.
  • The heel cup is deep enough to increase support and stability.
  • The top layer is made of anti-microbial fabric and therefore, your feet will remain dry, cool, and odor-free.
  • When it comes to cushioning, pinnacle orthotic inserts for plantar fasciitis are certainly one of the best. They are made of EVA foam base and designed with their Variable Cushioning Technology.


  • Some people feel that the arch support of these plantar fasciitis insoles is too high.
  • Some found them to be very wide. They stretch out to the sides of the shoes.

PROFOOT Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

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  • If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis pain, swelling, aching or burning sensation in heels, Profoot shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis are a great choice for you. They are clinically proven to be beneficial for people suffering from various foot problems.
  • The heel cup cradles the heel and distributes the pressure evenly, thereby minimizing the stress on the heels and plantar fascia.
  • Apart from being one of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, they can also be used by people who are suffering from flat feet, bunions, hammertoe, heel spurs, etc.
  • They have impact absorbent gel heel cushion, which means you will feel comfortable even after you have worn them for long hours.
  • Can fit in almost all types of shoes.


  • Some people have experienced that they make their feet sweaty and smelly.
  • Many feel that the arch is not enough to support their fallen arches but the heel cushioning is great.


Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

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  • Sholl’s insoles for plantar fasciitis feature shock guard technology and therefore, they are perfect for people who are engaged in high-intensity activities.
  • The full-length inserts cushion and support the entire feet equally.
  • Scholls inserts for plantar fasciitis are easy to trim and are suitable for all types of shoes including casual shoes, sneakers, work boots/shoes.
  • They are clinically proven to provide relief from plantar fasciitis pain throughout the day.
  • The heel has extra cushioning that absorbs the shock while you are walking, running, or doing any other form of physical activity.


  • Some people have reported durability issues, especially when the inserts are worn daily for hours of work.
  • The arch support is insufficient for many people and therefore they won’t experience much relief.


Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

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  • Superfeet insoles for plantar fasciitis are one of the top selling products on Amazon. They have a deep and wide heel cup that offers maximum support to the plantar fascia tissues, thereby reducing the stress on them.
  • They have a biomechanical shape and therefore, they can keep your feet comfortable for long hours.
  • There is a stabilizer cup at the base of the insole where it supports the rear foot. This cup provides stability and prevents injury.
  • The Superfeet insoles for plantar fasciitis are coated with a natural odor-controlling coating that keeps the bacteria and bad odor away.
  • These inserts are very durable.


  • Many people feel that the arch support is insufficient. Further, some of them also found the insole to be too firm.
  • They cannot be worn with low cut shoes because they add height.
  • Some people experienced sizing issues as well.


Spenco Total Support Original Insole

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  • Spenco insoles for plantar fasciitis are great for athletes and people who are involved in high-intensity work. They have 3- pod cushioning systems that provides excellent shock absorption. Perfect for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and other foot condition.
  • The polysorb stability cradle provides advanced arch support. The better the arch support, the less will be the pressure on your heels, thereby providing you relief from pain.
  • It has an anti-microbial top layer to keep your feet dry, cool, and sweat-free.
  • The forefoot area has a crash pad that provides extra cushioning under the ball of the foot.


  • Many people feel that the arch support is too soft and doesn’t provide as much support as required. Moreover, some also feel that the height of the arch support is insufficient.
  • Some people feel that the padding is insufficient and they make the feet hurt when worn for long hours.

We hope this blog helps you choose the right plantar fasciitis insoles to help you get rid of heel pain. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis due to your flat feet problem, you must do some exercises along with wearing the supportive insoles and shoes.


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