Does ScalpMed Work?

With hundreds of hair growth pills, shampoos, oils, and serums flooding the shelves of pharmacies and online stores, buyers are finding it hard to choose the one that is effective, economical, and safe for use. Many of these products do not stand up to their promises while many others provide temporary results. Some products are genuine though. However, most of these products, whether they are effective or not, are associated with serious sexual side effects, which persist even when you stop taking those pills. These side effects are loss of sex drive, difficulty getting or maintaining erection, growth of male breast tissues, and reduced semen production. (1) No one would obviously want these kinds of side effects, which is where ScalpMed comes in. The manufacture of ScalpMed hair growth products claims that they are not just effective but also free of any sexual side effects. Wondering does scalpmed work? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss more about its effectiveness and if it is worth trying.

What Is ScalpMed?

ScalpMed is a set of FDA approved hair loss product manufactured by Modern Health Labs. It is sold as a kit that consists of a sulfate-free shampoo, a cortex enlarging spray, and a follicle detoxifier. This kit is designed to cleanse and detoxify your scalp and improve the scalp health so that the hair follicles can grow faster and quicker, thereby improving the hair density. The manufacturer claims that ‘does scalpmed work’ is no more a question among the users and potential buyers because their product has been helping people win the battle against hair loss within just 6 months. It also claims that their product can deliver you as good results as the painful costly surgeries can.

If you have read the online reviews, specifically the ones available on Amazon, the question ‘does scalp med really work’ would probably still be in your mind because the reviews there are very confusing and doesn’t help conclude if it is worth trying. However, since this is an FDA approved hair loss product, we would ask you to give it a try, provided it fits in your budget (please note that it is quite expensive as compared to many other hair loss supplements and shampoos).

ScalpMed has designed two different sets of products, one made for each sex. Both of them are almost the same. But, the one meant for men contains Vitadil-5A, which contains 5% minoxidil solution, whereas the one meant for women contains 2% minoxidil solution. Minoxidil is an FDA-approved topical solution useful for treating baldness and hair thinning. (2) It has been used as a remedy for treating baldness since 1987 after a clinical study concluded that it can be used to treat both male and female pattern baldness. (3) Click here to read more about Minoxidil.

The other scalp med ingredient is their patented formula ‘Nutrisol’ which is a blend of silk amino acids, biotin, panthenol, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. All these scalp med ingredients are clinically proven to help boost hair regrowth. So, technically speaking, ‘does scalpmed work’ should not be in your mind. However, since the Amazon feedbacks are not very encouraging, we would like to explain more about Scalpmed and its side effects.

ScalpMed Side Effects

As mentioned above, the scalp med ingredients are all safe to use, with no known potential side effects. Minoxidil is its main ingredient and, in rare cases, it may cause irritation in scalp, change of hair colour or hair texture, dizziness, chest pain, swelling in hands, feet, tongue, and lips, burning sensation in the scalp, redness of scalp, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, tiredness as well as unwanted hair growth in adjacent areas such as forehead and ear. If you experience any such side reaction, please stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor. Even though it is an FDA-approved product, you must ensure that it is not causing any kind of inflammation or burning sensation in the scalp. These issues are signs of allergic reactions and they must not be ignored.

Now comes the main question, does scalpmed work?

ScalpMed: Is It a Scam?

If we look at the Amazon reviews, we would probably dismiss it as a scam but there is much more to it than just the poor ratings and reviews.

  • On Amazon, it has received 2.9 star rating from 15 reviews, which is a very poor score.
  • However, on its official website and online store, the manufacturer has claimed that over 95% of its users have experienced positive and significant hair growth within 6 months of use. The manufacturer hasn’t got an independent clinical study conducted so far and, therefore, the scalpmed results stated by it is questionable.

As mentioned above, the main ingredient of scalpmed is Minoxidil, which is a highly effective topical hair loss product. So, instead of buying ScalpMed, you can simply buy minoxidil from Amazon or from your nearby pharmacy. Minoxidil is easily available and it costs much less than scalpmed. Many users have commented that they would rather buy minoxidil or biotin instead of spending on this expensive kit. If you are interested in scalpmed alternatives, here are some options for you:

  • Finally, like any other minoxidil product, this will work only until you keep using it. When you stop using it, the effect will stop and the hair may even start falling out again.

So, the final answer to does scalpmed work is that, it does, but have to continue using it, which could be expensive in the long run. Other minoxidil solutions are available in the market at half or even less than half of the price of ScalpMed. Do keep this in mind while choosing it.

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