Kettler Advantage Giro P Upright Exercise Bike Review

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The Kettler Exercise Bike is built to last a lifetime and designed to be as low maintenance as they come. Made of tubular steel and carbon, the Kettler Exercise Bike is resilient, durable and provides a riding experience that is both smooth and stealthy. From the sealed bearings to the Poly V belt system, you will enjoy this quiet ride as you get fit.

Our Rating: 8.9/10

Kettler Advantage Giro P Upright Exercise Bike Review
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

With today’s busy lifestyle, working out is next to impossible. When you are juggling work, kids, cooking, household chores, school and a (sometimes nonexistent) social life, the last thing on your priority list is exercise. Stationary bicycles are a great remedy to this dilemma, allowing you to work out at home, and at your own convenience. The Kettler Advantage Giro P Upright Exercise Bike is a safe bet for those looking for quality and convenience.

The Kettler Bike checks off all the boxes for anyone wanting to get a great spinning workout. Made from carbon and tubular steel, the Kettler Exercise Bike is made to last. Produced by the Kettler Company, first in Germany and now in the USA, with nearly 70 years experience building quality fitness equipment, the Kettler Spinning Bike has been designed to be one of the most maintenance-free and smooth bikes on the market.

Based on our thorough research, we rated the Kettler Exercise Bike 8.9/10

Keep reading for more amazing details in our Kettler Exercise Bike Review. For those that like their information in video format, check out this informative video that will illustrate the Kettler Bike’s Magnetic Breaking and Resistance System.

Features and Specs



  • When assembled: Length 37“, Height 57”, Width 21”, Item Weight 74 lbs, Max User Weight 285 lbs
  • Package: Length 44”, Width 12”, Height 25”


Customizable and user friendly, the Kettler Exercise Bike does all the work for you, physically and mentally. With adjustable handlebars, a comfy seat and a computer pre-set with 8 programs, all you need to do is get on your Kettler Bike and start pedalling.

  • Powder Coated Paint

    The Kettler Bike is finished with powder coated paint applied electrostatically and sealed with heat. This process means the finish on your Kettler Exercise Bike won’t chip or peel and will last for as long as you own the bike.

  • Superfly Flywheel

    Coming in at a substantial 17.6 lbs, the flywheel of the Kettler Spinning Bike ensures a smooth stable ride as you work out.

  • Frame Constructed of Tubular Steel and Carbon

    When you combine the durability and versatility of tubular steel with the lightness and flexibility of carbon, you can see why the frame of the Kettler Sport Exercise Bike is as elegant and airy as it is robust.

  • Low to No Maintenance for the Belt

    The Kettler Bike uses a Poly V Belt system, which resists stretch and provides an effortless ride.

  • Sealed Bearings

    Bearings that are shielded or unsealed can collect contaminants or require lubrication. The Kettler Bike has ball bearings housed between an inner and outer track to restrict contamination, help prevent over-lubrication, and keep the Kettler Exercise Bike on its low maintenance path.

  • 16 Levels of Resistance

    The flywheel of the Kettler Exercise Bike is attached to magnets and controlled by a motor. When you increase the electricity to the motor, you increase the strength of the magnets and thereby increase the resistance on the flywheel. The best part? You can adjust your resistance up to 16 levels to customize your work out to suit your needs.

  • Three Ways to Monitor Your Ticker

    The Kettler Bike allows you to monitor your heart rate three different ways: via the hand grips on the handle bars, an optional infrared ear-clip sensor, or an optional Polar T-34 wireless chest strap.

  • Comfy and Versatile Handlebars

    Encased in foam rubber and adjustable front and back, the Kettler Bike is ultra comfortable for those long spin sessions. In addition, the handle bars contain EKG sensors to monitor pulse and heart rate as you work out.

  • A Seat Created to Fit “Regular People”

    With a width measurement of 11”, thick padding and a curved design, the seat of the Kettler Exercise Bike is guaranteed to give your bottom a comfy ride while you get in shape. In addition, you can fine-tune the seat to accommodate your height with 10 different positions as well as 3” of leeway for fore and aft modifications.

  • The Pedals are Always Right

    The weighted pedals on the Kettler Exercise Bike will always ensure the pedal returns to the level position so you can easily find your footing.

  • Computer with Backlit Digital LCD Display

    Containing 8 pre-sets, 6 for measuring time or distance and 2 focusing on heart rate and pulse, the Kettler Bike’s computer console is loaded with tracking tools for your work outs. From step frequency, to speed, to Kcal burned, the Kettler Sport Exercise Bike has everything you need to properly monitor and track your work outs.

  • Warranty

    The Kettler Exercise Bike warranty is fairly standard:
    2 yrs Parts
    2 yrs Labor
    The warranty applies to a residential warranty which is void if the Kettler Exercise Bike is damaged through negligent or improper use or care. You must be the original owner and have proof of purchase. Kettler USA will also not pay shipping to any parts shipped outside of the USA or Canada.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Shipping rates may vary depending on suppliers, but you can order the Kettler Spinning Bike from and get free shipping on your Kettler Bike. The Kettler Indoor Bike comes with assembly instructions as well as a manual for the computer console. While the instructions for the actual bike are not terribly complex, and only involve about 8 steps, it will likely take 1 person the better part of an hour to completely assemble their Kettler Bike. The instructions for the computer are quite lengthy and will take some time and a few hours of application during workouts to become comfortable with them.

Our Likes

What’s not to love about the Kettler Bike? From its smooth ride to its computer console, the Kettler Exercise Bike was created to make your life easier. Low maintenance care combined with optimal comfort make the Kettler Exercise Bike a no-brainer for anyone looking for a great all-around exercise bike.

Our Dislikes

It is difficult to find anything to dislike about the Kettler Bike because it has been engineered to be a quality exercise bike and meet almost every possible need.

  • One observation to be made is the computer, while programmed with all the possible metrics needed to work out, lacks the ability to connect to a website or app to share results. It would be nice if the Kettler Bike was more social media friendly, perhaps with an app where daily and weekly goals and progress are tracked and recorded. This, I feel would push the Kettler Bike to the next level.

  • Another added tweak would be to include a cell phone, tablet or book holder so people could multi-task while riding. These observations are small things however, when you look at the features the Kettler Bike does have that work so well for its many users.

Our Verdict

They say the devil is in the details, and they were right.  The details found in the design and function of the Kettler Bike are right on the money to guarantee a safe and productive workout experience. From its densely cushioned seat and comfortable saddle to its handle bars fitted with foam rubber hand grips and EKG sensors, the small details of the Kettler Bike will make your exercise journey easier to start and easier to maintain. Also check out Best Exercise Bike Reviews – Stationary Upright Exercise Bike 2018.

This bike anticipates the things a user will want and delivers those features ahead of time.  The weighted self-levelling pedals make it easy to slip your feet into the straps, and the 17.6 lb flywheel ensure a satin-y smooth ride.  You can work out quietly with the Poly V belt system, and easily roll the Kettler Bike out of the way when you are done on its transport castors. With the low Q angle designed to support proper alignment for your knees, is it any wonder the Kettler Exercise Bike is so popular with its users.

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* is currently out of stock of the Kettler Spinning Bike, but when it is back in stock it is worth checking out the price for their free shipping. In the meantime, it is listed on for $499.99. Keep in mind that may have sales on its products, so be sure to check out their website for the latest prices.

Question & Answers

  • Q. If I m 5'1" is the Kettler Bike adjustable to my height? Particularly the handle/seat and all? Also, how's the noise?

    A. The only adjustments needed for height on the Kettler Bike are lowering the seat and moving it forward, that is easy to do and it should fit you. The machine is very quiet.

  • Q. Hello, would a 6’5” male sit comfortably on the Kettler Exercise Bike?

    A. I would say yes as the seat can be raised much higher than I need it and I am 6' 2".

  • Q. What kind of outlet does the Kettler Bike plug into?

    A. A standard 110V power source is required for the Kettler Spinning Bike.

User Reviews Write a Review

Comfortable and easy to put together

“The Kettler Bike is comfortable, easy to put together, has an extremely adjustable seat position, and has many different program options.”
- Laurel

Great exercise bike

“The Kettler Bike is a great exercise bike. It is sturdy, lots of features, and very quiet.”
- John H.

Very, very quiet

“I love the fact that the Kettler Bike is adjustable not only in height, but fore and aft. Adjustable handlebars are also a plus. The resistance and programs suit my needs for a good cardio workout, and it is very, very quiet.”
- Lewando

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Last updated on December 17th, 2018

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