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The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u has many features that make it a superior bike. The expresso s3u has a fully adjustable frame which means it can accommodate all bikers and preferences. It also includes a 19” LED display screen. The expresso s3u bike has built-in sensors that help monitor your vitals.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

Expresso Interactive Upright Exercise Bike - S3U Review
4.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

An exercise bike is a standard piece of gym equipment and there are many options available on the market. The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u is a unique exercise bike because it makes exercising and cycling indoors a fun and engaging experience. For those of you who enjoy indoor exercise, cycling and being active outdoors, this machine is a good compromise. The interactive aspect of the expresso s3u is the LED display feature, which has different bike tours and environments preprogrammed into it for you to choose from. Our score for this product is a 8.5/10.

This review of the expresso bike is also highly informative. It goes through many of the expresso upright bike’s features.

Features and Specs



  • Dimensions: The expresso s3u bike is 47” x 24” x 62” making it the standard size of an exercise bike. It weighs 165 lbs.


The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u is an advanced exercise bike due to its advanced features. The sleek design makes it nice and compact. It also features a magnetic resistance drive that helps create dynamic workouts. The display screen and various workout settings that are preprogrammed into the machine create a fun and immersive cycling experience.

  • Resistance

    The expresso exercise bike’s resistance band uses magnets which help create a realistic feeling when cycling. The expresso s3u has 30 gears which means it has the ability to keep up with more demanding workouts and cycling speeds. The dual-belt system provides users with quiet, smooth operation. It can also support a riding power of up to 700 watts. The expresso s3u is designed with dual function pedals. One side of the pedal is your standard bike pedal with a strap, and the other side is designed for use with clip in shoes that are compatible with the expresso s3u. This can take your cycling to the next level. The bicycle seat is also adjustable and allows the user to pull the seat up or down, and slide it forward or backward. Moreover, this model of the expresso bike has an improved bicycle seat which is more ergonomic. Wider, and more cushiony, the seat is even more comfortable to use. This is great for accommodating a wider range of heights. The handle-bars are also where the gear shifts are placed.

  • Exercise Programs

    The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u has “road”, “studio” and “gaming” capabilities. The expresso s3u has three functions that users can utilize. There is “road racing”, cycling, and “HIIT Gaming”. The expresso s3u’s features include virtual reality road racing programs. There are more than 30 tours/chases to choose from and each is offered at 4 different levels of difficulty. The For cycling, there are 10 classes that are available. Since the expresso s3u connects to the internet via wifi, it is easy to access the new exercise and Pilates classes which are available weekly. The online service and VR (virtual reality) aspect of the expresso s3u is great because you can track your results and performance, making it easy to reach your cycling goals. You can also share your results with your friends and other expresso s3u riders. The online service offers many music channels that will complement any workout well. Users get a variety of music channels to choose from.

  • Other Functions

    The expresso s3u has a 19” screen that comes with a splash guard and video input capability. The screen is very user-friendly because of the easy-to-use keypad. The screen is also easy to navigate. In addition, the expresso s3u also has a calorie burning tracker and a pulse monitor making it great to track your cardio workout. Since you can connect the expresso s3u to the internet, it is great at tracking real time data, letting you track and share your exercise data very easily.

  • Warranty

    The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u comes with a warranty of 90 days.

  • Shipping & Assembly

    Shipping costs will depend on the seller and the mode of shipping available. For example, on, shipping costs $4.99.
    There is some assembly required, but it is not that difficult since the machine is quite compact and detailed instructions are included. There are only a few screws because you need to attach large pieces together. It is easiest to assemble this machine with someone else’s help. You need them to hold the parts together while you secure the screws. In order to use the interactive LCD screen, you must also connect the expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u to the internet and configure the console. The approximate assembly time is about 1 hour and the instructions include a “final systems check” to ensure everything works.

Our Likes

The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u is a piece of home gym equipment that is a nice compromise between outdoor riding adventures and indoor exercise. It is built very well and is of commercial-grade quality.

Our Dislikes

The expresso s3u does come with a 90-day warranty on labor and parts. However, with the significant price tag, you would expect a better warranty period. The 90-day warranty still gives you enough time to determine the quality of the bike. With that said, the expresso s3u is still a very worthwhile investment. For stationary bikes, the rule of thumb is that usually the more expensive the bike, the better quality it is and the more features it has.

Our Verdict

The expresso interactive upright exercise bike s3u is one of the best stationary bikes available for sale. While the price of the expresso exercise bike is a significant investment, the expresso s3u is commercial-quality and will take your indoor cycling experience to the next level. The only minor issue is the warranty. Though not long, since the expresso s3u is sturdily made it is not a huge concern. The LCD console and pre-programmed tours are high quality and elevate the riding experience. The interactive display and internet connectivity means that you can stay motivated by completing challenges, challenging others and even going on group rides! All things considered, the expresso bike cost is more than justified. It is a very advanced stationary exercise bike, and cyclists will love the expresso s3u for its functionality and innovation. Also check out Best Exercise Bike Reviews – Stationary Upright Exercise Bike 2018.

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Question & Answers

  • Q. How many 3D cycling courses are available on the expresso s3u?

    A. The expresso s3u includes 30 virtual courses.

  • Q. Does the expresso s3u connect to a LAN? Is it wireless?

    A. According to the user manual, it requires a hardwired internet connection, therefore you need to connect it using an ethernet cable.

  • Q. Can you connect the console of the expresso s3u bike to a larger screen?

    A. If you have the right wires and equipment, yes.

  • Q. How is the design of the expresso s3u? Is it well-built?

    A. Yes, it has a solid, sturdy design and is made with very durable materials.

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Well worth the investment

“I can’t believe I found an exercise bike that is great at replicating the road biking experience! The expresso exercise bike brings outdoor cycling inside and comes with 30 tours and chases. I’ve been using this bike at the YMCA and it is really amazing. It comes with a hefty price tag but is well worth the investment.”
- Jerry

Very interactive experience

“The expresso s3u bike is wonderful! It provides a very interactive experience. The handle bars are so smooth and the machine runs very smoothly too!”
- Ashley

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Last updated on October 2nd, 2019

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