Assault Air Bike by Assault Fitness Review

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There are many features of the Assault Air Bike that have earned it its reputation of one of the toughest and best-in-class air bikes. Some of its most important features are hidden from our view. Others, such as its multifunctional computer console and a 6-way adjustable seat post, are more obvious. The list of features and its descriptions below includes most of them, but is by no means an exhaustive list.

Our Rating: 9/10

Assault Air Bike by Assault Fitness Review
4.6 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

As the name suggests, the Assault Air Bike is designed with a serious athlete in mind. While it’s true that it’s mostly used by strength athletes, cross-fitters and body builders to improve their conditioning, it’s also the case that the assault bike benefits can extend to people of any fitness, age or activity level. In fact, the air fan bikes have existed for over 40 years and were originally used for rehab purposes of elderly people with limited mobility. The secret to its versatility lies in its infinite resistance feature built into it. The faster you pedal, the more resistance you generate. It opens up unlimited workout potential that’s so attractive to power athletes. It also means that it will match any effort that’s put into it, offering everyone as much resistance as they can handle, not more and not less. You are in complete control of how easy or challenging you want to make it.

Having come a long way from the original prototype and a result of many years of work by engineers, industrial designers and fitness professionals, the Assault Air Bike is made to handle any abuse and outlast any competition.

Based on our extensive analysis, we rated this product 9/10. You can watch  the

Assault Air Bike Video before continuing with this review. by Joe Rogan 50K views­­.

Features and Specs



  • Assembled Weight: 95.64 lb
  • Assembled Length: 50.95 in
  • Assembled Width: 23.34 in
  • Assembled Height: 50 in
  • Maximum user weight: 350 pounds


The Assault Air Bike doesn’t come packed with a tonne of fancy features. It’s not made to impress you with its exterior, but its performance is bound to leave your breathless, figurately and literally. Most of the features that make it so great are hidden from the view.

  • Infinite Resistance for Unlimited Workout

    The sky’s is the limit when it comes how much resistance you can get out of the Assault Air Bike. The faster you pedal, the more air resistance you generate. The harder you work, the harder it gets. It’s designed to push you to your limits every time you use it. It also means that it will match anybody’s fitness level and ability. While you can decide to work at your max, whatever that might be, you can also make it as easy as you want. It’s all under your control.

  • Large 25” Diameter Air Fan

    The Assault Air Bike comes with a 25” diameter air fan that is is larger than on all its competitors allowing you generate 20-25 % more resistance than any other air fan bikes on the market.

  • 8 Pre-Set Programs For a Personalized Workout

    You can personalize your assault bike workouts by choosing from eight different on-board workout programs. Go for a punishing Tabata workout, with set interval and rest times, or customize the assault bike intervals to match your fitness level. Set your calorie, time, watts or distance targets, or go easy on yourself with the Heart Monitoring Program to monitor your pulse and build up your aerobic base.

  • Smart Computer Console with a high contrast LCD display

    The Air Bike Assault Bike smart computer console you let you monitor time, distance, calories, watts and RPMs. You can see all the stats simultaneously displayed on a high-contrast, easy to read, heads-up LCD display. Although it doesn’t come with a heart monitor, you can wirelessly connect a heart rate chest transmission strap with an on-board Polar radio to keep track of your heart rate. Large buttons and quick access program keys on the console make it easy to access and customize your assault air bike workouts for a personalized training session.

  • Built to Last

    The Assault Air Bike is designed to handle any use and abuse. Built from a full high-tensile steel and protected by a layer of industrial powder coating paint, it’s as robust and impenetrable as a tank. Sealed cartridge ball bearings in every pivot point and at any moving part ensure smooth operation and maintenance-free use over a long period of time. The forged cro-moly cranks, added for extra strength and durability, make the Assault Air Bike virtually unbeatable by its competition. Its superb durability makes it suitable for commercial environments and home gyms alike. It’s widely used by cross-fit gyms, by the US military and by rehab facilities across the country.

  • 6-Way Adjustable Seat Post for a custom fit

    In addition to the traditional up and down adjustments, the seat post of the Assault Air Bike can be easily moved back and forward or tilted up and down to ensure a custom fit and proper alignment for all heights and sizes.

  • Free Moving Handle Bars for a Full Body Workout

    Free moving handle bars allow you to include the arms in your assault bike workouts. Adding arm movements into the makes it a total body conditioning workout.

  • Large Diameter Foot Pegs

    The Assault Air Bike gives you the option to work your arms while resting your legs. While your upper body is hard at work, you can relax your legs by resting the feet comfortably on the large foot pegs.

  • Warranty

    5-year Frame
    2-year Non-Wear Parts

  • Shipping and Assembly

    Free shipping anywhere in the U.S.
    The Assault Air Bike is easy to assemble. It takes about 20-30 minutes.
    All necessary tools are included.


The pre-set Assault Air Bike workouts include Tabata , Reversed Tabata and Heart Monitoring Program. Tabata training is one of most intense and most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is comprised of eight rounds 20-second intervals of extremely intense exercises interspersed by 10 -second intervals of rest. The Reversed Tabata the interval times are reversed.

Our Likes

If one were to name the single most important feature that makes the Assault Air Bike shine among its competition, it would definitely be its durability. The Assault Air Bike is built to last for ever and to remain virtually maintenance-free for a long time. It can handle any abuse. The real testament to its toughness is that it’s trusted by the US military to keep up with their high demands for physical training. According to numerous Assault Bike reviews by crossfit gym owners, cross fitters and fitness professionals, the Assault Fitness Air Bike is as tough as it claims to be. It’s no coincidence that it’s found across many crossfit gyms and other commercial settings such as rehab centres. What makes it so great for commercial use, also makes it a great addition to any home gym.

Our Dislikes

One of the consistent comments that comes up in the assault bike reviews is how hard and uncomfortable the seat that comes with assault exercise bike is. This is not such a big issue, because the seat can be replaced with a better, softer seat.

  • Another seat related issue has to do with the way it’s mounted on the post. It’s prone to wobble or becoming loose after repeated use. Rather than a problem with the seat post, the issue is with the wrench that is included with the Assault Air Bike for assembly. Using your own wrench to properly tighten the bolts of the seat post will eliminate the problem.

  • Even though the Assault Air Bike Console comes with lots of useful features and is very easy to use, some users are surprised that it doesn’t come with a heart monitor. However, it comes with a Polar Wi-Fi radio that can be connected with compatible chest strap, which needs to be bought separately. The good news the chest strap provides much more accurate measurements than a heart monitor built into regular cardio equipment.

Our Verdict

Considering all cons and pros, we conclude that the Assault Air Bike deserves its place at the top of competition. It’s truly a versatile piece of gym equipment that can be used by virtually anybody Having said that, if you are somebody, who has never done High Intesity Interval Training before, you may want to try doing assault bike interval training at one of your local crossfit gyms first, before deciding on purchasing one for your home gym. However, if you are already a advanced crossfit athlete or a body builder looking to add a cardio machine to your home gym, there is no doubt in our minds that buying the lifecore Assault Bike would be an investment you would never regret. Also check out Best Exercise Bike Reviews – Stationary Upright Exercise Bike 2018.

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Question & Answers

  • Q. How does the resistance of the Assault Air Bike compare to Air Dyne 4? Is it true that it’s significantly more?

    A. Yes, it is true. The Assault Air Bike gives you about 20-25% more resistance. By Diamondback Fitness/Assault Fri, Feb 9, 2014

  • Q. Does the Assault Air Bike come with a heart rate monitor? There is a button on the screen for it, but it’s not clear how to use it.

    A. The Assault Air Bike does not include a heart rate monitor, but it comes with a pulse sensor that is compatible with any Polar chest straps. By Diamondback Fitness/Assault Fitness March 10, 2014

  • Q. Do the pedal and arm stroke on the Assault Air Bike have a longer or shorter throw than the Schwinn Air Dyne? Thanks a lot!

    A. I’ve used both bikes and I think that the Schwinn has a longer reach and a longer pedal throw than the Assault Air Bike. On the other hand it may be because I adjust my seat differently on the Assault Air Bike than my psychotherapist does on the Schwinn. Personally, I like the Assault Air Bike by Assault Fitness is better, because I can ride on it for longer and can better monitor my heart rate. Hope this helps. By Amazon Customer on February 9, 2016

  • Q. I tried sitting on the Assault Air Bike at the store and the seat is super uncomfortable. Is it possible to buy a better, more comfortable seat for it?

    A. Yes, the standard seat of the assault bike is really bad for some reason. I went and bought myself the Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle. It’s much better! There must be other good options out there. Make sure that it’s a wide cruiser seat that would fit on the Assault’s horizontal bar.

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If you want a superior stationary bike and can afford it, this Assault Air Bike is for you!

This bike is awesome! I replaced my Schwinn Air Dyne, which I had for a long time. I ¬was sold on the horizontally adjustable seat on the Assault Air Bike.
- Anthony A. H

Everything is good about the airbike assault, but the seat

It’s a tough bike all the way around. Seat should be softer, but other than that it’s a good bike
- David P

Easy to put together and move around the house

The lifecore Assault Air Bike is the best! Very well built and ergonomic. It’s easy to put together and I can easily move it around my home. It takes up much less room than a lot of other exercise machines. Fittest on Earth 2020, here I am!

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