ElliptiGO Arc 8 – Outdoor Elliptical Bike Review

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We love the features and specifications of this incredible elliptical bike! We’ve taken all of the pertinent information about this fantastic machine and condensed it down into short, fun-to-read sections!

Our Rating: 9.1/10

ElliptiGO Arc 8 – Outdoor Elliptical Bike Review
4.6 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
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Overview & Ratings

The Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike is a revolutionary piece of equipment that has and is turning the cycling world on it head. No longer are you stuck having to choose if you want to run or ride … no on the Elliptigo Arc 8 you can do both. This is made possible with the creation of the Outdoor Elliptical Bike which allows user to take their fitness goals to the next level.

With all high end, high quality parts and components the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike is a technical marvel. The removal of impact and strain allows riders to really focus on fitness and enjoyment as they ride their Outdoor Elliptical Machine. As we looked at the Elliptigo Arc 8 closely we can to realize that it is not often that you can find something so unique and with such high quality as well. This is why for us the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike gets a rating of 9.1/10.

Rating and ranking can be subjective so we rolled up our sleeves and dug into the Elliptigo Arc 8 so you can have a first hand look at all the thinks that impressed us. We found this video about the Outdoor Elliptical Trainer that you can watch here.

Features and Specs



  • Dimensions: Wheel base is 52.6” with a total length of 72”. Weight is 37 pounds. Stride length of nearly 14” long and from 9.4” to 11.8” in height. Riders can range from 4’11” to 6’8” according to the website. The Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike has a 250-pound rider maximum weight limit. The width between the centerline of the drive arms is about 9”, and this places the foot platforms only 3.5” apart on the inside edges. This allows the riders feet to stay close together during the stride so that the motion closely feels like running or walking strides.


While nothing ever owes all of its success to one singular factor, we’ve found that a great deal of the Elliptigo Arc 8 outdoor Elliptical Bike’s features really help to set it apart from all other considerations. Continue reading about the select features that make this machine truly incredible.

  • Customizable Setup

    A great feature of the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike is the ability that you have to customize. Not only can you be sure that the fit of the Outdoor Elliptical Bike will be perfect for you, but you can also add on extra features to really make this machine work the best for you. Smart computers, lights, water bottle, fenders and more can be added to the Outdoor Elliptical Bike with relative ease.
    It is these added components that can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your workouts and that is what the Outdoor Elliptical Machine is, a workout machine. The stride length is adjustable, the hand grips are adjustable and the resistance that you pedal against is adjustable.

  • Full Body Workout

    When you start to use the Outdoor Elliptical Trainer one of the first things that you will notice is that this is much more than just a great leg workout. The way that you have to stabilize yourself as you stand and pedal on the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike and this will activate your core muscles in a way that not many other exercises can do.
    Despite the standing and pedalling that you will have to do, when you are on the Outdoor Elliptical Machine a few things you do not have to worry about. The pains of riding a bike with back, neck strains and sore backside from bicycle seats are not longer an issue. Likewise, the jarring and strain that happens to your joints from running is gone with the Elliptigo Arc 8.

  • Telescoping Steering Column

    Adjustable with a quick release lever to help things extend or lower to suit the rider in only a few moments. This is also the option that allows the handles to be lowered to place the Outdoor Elliptical Machine into a vehicle. With the front wheel off the height is only 24.5”, with the wheel on the height is 33”. This is an east height to fit into vehicle for easy of transport, or for storage in small areas like apartments.

  • Pivoting Foot Platform

    Allowing the foot to pivot naturally through the entire pedalling stroke is why it is you can ride the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike all day. As you pedal the motion is always smooth and ergonomically what your foot and ankle need to not become fatigued or injured.

  • Warranty

    The Elliptigo Arc 8 comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee. Even if you get the Outdoor Elliptical Machine and set it up and need to return it, just ship it back and your money is returned. The Outdoor Elliptical Bike also comes with a very comprehensive warranty of 5 years on frame, 2 years on the drive arms, fork, crank arms and steering along with 1-year coverage on all other components and even the decals. Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike has made a great product and they know it and prove it by standing behind the quality with a great warranty.

  • Shipping and Assembly

    The shipping weight of the Outdoor Elliptical Machine is 60 pounds. Once the Elliptigo Arc 8 leaves the factory it is in a 63” x 19” x 27” box. This sized package should be quite manageable to handle and easy to handle when it shows up at your door.
    The only assembly needed is putting the wheels on your Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike and installing the handle bars. It is so simple that no tools are needed other than an air pump to inflate the tires. As the website says the Outdoor Elliptical Bike comes 90% assembled and often is ready to ride in only a few minutes.

Our Likes

With so much to love about his machine it was somewhat challenging to limit the positive things to list to such a short list. Below you’ll find the qualities of this Elliptigo Bike that we just had to mention.

Our Dislikes

The Outdoor Elliptical Machine has no suspension that is common in many bicycles, you will need to be aware of uneven terrain. This means you need to be aware and steer rather than just plow through the potholes in your path. Really just a minor inconvenience and one of the few things that would be a dislike or want on the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike.

Our Verdict

Buy an Outdoor Elliptical Bike and you will not be disappointed. Not only will your ride be the talk of the neighbourhood, but you will transform yourself physically with the intensive exercise you will be doing on your Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike. You may want to consider added the accessory package to get the extra perks, but even if you go with the base model only you still will have a great machine in an Outdoor Elliptical Machine. Also check out Best Elliptical Machine Reviews 2018.

Price & Shop

$999 USD
In Stock
*$999 with financing options on the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike website. Amazon does list sellers for an Outdoor Elliptical Machine, but pricing can vary so you will want to shop around to find the best deal possible. Some list shipping as included, some have separate costs for shipping that will be different depending on where you live and where you purchase from.

Question & Answers

  • Q. How does the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike handle hills? Can it be ridden off pavement?

    A. The Elliptigo Arc 8 is listed as being able to handle 20-30% grades. As with all things new it will take a little practise to get up and down hills but the Outdoor Elliptical Trainer can go where most recreational bikes can go without any difficulty.

  • Q. How difficult is the assembly of the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike?

    A. Considering the Outdoor Elliptical Machine comes with no tools and the company says you need none to assemble your Outdoor Elliptical Trainer so it can not be very hard. The only assembling that has to be done in inflate your tires, install them and install handlebars as well. They only thing you need is a pump to inflate the tires.

  • Q. Is it possible to try out an Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike before purchasing? How hard is it to return if it is not the equipment for me?

    A. If you are close to an Elliptigo Arc 8 dealer you can go and test one out. If that is not an option you can trust in the 30 day money back guarantee that comes with each Outdoor Elliptical Bike. the only cost involved in the money back offer is the shipping costs to return the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike which is really quite reasonable.

  • Q. How hard is it to get an Outdoor Elliptical Trainer repaired or can you repair it yourself

    A. If you need someone to repair your Elliptigo Arc 8 you can go to a dealer. Or call the company to find an authorized repair shop. If you do choose to attempt to repair your own Outdoor Elliptical Machine be sure to check the warranty so you do not void it by accident.

User Reviews Write a Review

I love riding my Outdoor Elliptical Trainer

I already had a long-stride Outdoor Elliptical Bike and I loved it. The Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike is even more fun to ride! Agile and nimble and what a great workout. I love riding my Outdoor Elliptical Trainer.
- Ramona G

I am in love with it

I got my Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike about a month ago now. After about a dozen rides I am in love with it. As a 57-year-old, I do not run much because of knee and back issues. . The Outdoor Elliptical Machine was very easy for me to get started with, and I get out for about an hour three or four times a week.
- T Schu

Excellent product

I bought an ElliptiGO ARC 8 to help me get outside more for workouts and to enjoy the sunshine. I am not able to run because of knee issues anymore. Riding the Elliptigo Arc 8 Outdoor Elliptical Bike causes me no problems at all. It is more enjoyable than biking and the workout is great. I enjoyed the Outdoor Elliptical Trainer so much that I bought an ARC 24 so others can join me on my workouts.
- L. E. Leftwich

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